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Planning Day of Caring: Taking the first few steps

June 15th, 2013 lnchin14

It’s hard to believe that week two is already complete! This was a busy week and I spent a lot of time creating pieces to advertise and share Day of Caring information in order to get agencies and organizations interested. I started the week by working on the website’s event page. On the event, I created a place for agencies to submit projects to be completed on September 12th.  The website also has a separate page that provides organizations with a survey to express their interest in participating. I am happy that the website is now available for agencies and organizations to begin to sign up for the event. At first I had a bit of difficulty creating an event on a website using a program I am still very new to, but I am glad I was able get the event up and working.

The next step is to engage the community and provide people with information about Day of Caring, so I worked to create ‘Save the date’ cards to send out to both the agencies and organizations. I’m excited to be able to send out the ‘Save the date’ cards and promote the event. Next week, I hope to send out the ‘Save the date cards’ and then begin to hear from agencies and organizations who want to participate in the event. I know I will have to continue to promote and recruit agencies to start to sign up, but I am eager to have agencies start submitting their projects and see the projects and the event will be comprised of. As the summer progresses, I am looking forward to seeing the event start to come together!

This weekend I headed home where I caught up with friends, enjoyed the sun, watched the Bruins, and relaxed with family for Father’s Day.

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