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July 12th, 2013 lnchin14

Since I have been living on campus this summer, aside from my internship, I have been able to continue to work on research in the Sleep Lab with Professor Wolfson. I have been doing research with Professor Wolfson for the past two years and last semester we collected more data on the sleep habits of college students and the presence of light. We collected a significant amount of data and were able to get the majority into the computer and run some basic analyses, but this summer we are going to spend some time looking into different relationships within the data. By continuing to analyze data from the last semester, I am hoping to see significant findings as we further analyze the data.

Additionally, I have also had the opportunity to work with one of the Indonesian professors who is visiting for about 8 weeks. She is working to start a new research study and I have been able to assist her in the creation of a survey for the study. It has been a great opportunity to work with the Indonesian professor to start to develop a new study that will be used in the US and Indonesia in the future.

I am looking forward to continuing research this summer and into the fall semester.

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