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No more nametags

July 22nd, 2013 lnchin14

Busy on the internship front this week. Projects are still coming in and we have over 40 projects with opportunities for over 800 volunteers! I am working to continue to contact additional agencies to submit more projects.

I have been working on information packets to send to agencies who have already registered their projects. In making the packets one component was name tags, which I thought would be pretty easy to make, just like mailing labels. Little did I know what the printer had in-store for me. I printed a few sheets successfully, making sure that all of the label design was on the label and, being eager, sent 20 sheets to print. Wellllll less than halfway done, the screen starts flashing and showing me the location of the jam. So I clear the sheets of labels clogging the machine and off they went, continuing to print. Before I knew it, the screen was flashing at me again and I unclogged the machine and finished printing the last couple sheets.  I had made less than 200 labels out of 1,200, but needless to say, I think both me and the printer needed a break. Later that day, I found out that the color labels often make the machine overheat and interns often face this same situation when make the Day of Caring name tag labels… Well let’s hope I can print the rest of the labels without causing any damage!

Also exciting news, Children’s Friend submitted their project just in the nick of time and were the lucky winners of the registration raffle ending last week. They were awarded a spiffy United Way lunch box and insulated water bottle!

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