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By the Numbers: 30 agencies, 58 projects, 72 time slots & 1,190 volunteer opportunities

July 26th, 2013 lnchin14

This week I have been continuing to hound different agencies to get more projects registered. Currently there are volunteer opportunities for over 1,100 individuals!!  There are a few more agencies that I have been in contact with and I am awaiting their project submission. Hopefully I can get a few more projects registered and have more opportunities for volunteers (I’m hoping to get 1,400!).

Aside from making calls and sending e-mails, I have also perused the photos online of past Day of Caring events focusing on the ‘Live United’ t-shirts. While the front will say ‘Live United’ I am hoping to do something fun/creative/a little different on the back while still saying Day of Caring and sponsor information.

Today I was also able to leave the office for a couple hours and head to campus where the two Indonesian professors were presenting their work from the past two months. It was great to hear them talk about their new projects with so much pride and excitement. It was also inspiring to hear about how much they have accomplished and all that they have learned in such a short amount of time!

Monday I will bid farewell to Debri, the visiting professor I have mainly been working with and begin the last two weeks of my internship! Just about a month until I will begin senior year!

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